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The Art of Deep Relaxation

Four Guided Meditations
for After Yoga or Anytime

“Steve Wolf is the only meditation guide I use. He is just born to do this.”

— Iris, Insight Timer Review

“Best meditation I have done in a long time, will make this a regular. Namaste.”

— Garth - , Insight Timer Review

“I played your Relax Deeply Yoga Nidra in class today. People loved it. I loved it. I love your voice. Great pacing. Very well done!" ”

— Erich Schiffmann, Author: Yoga, The Spirit And Practice Of Moving Into Stillness

Almost two thousand years ago the yoga sage Patanjali reminded us that when we still the mind and relax the body, we are then in our natural state. The ancient practice of Savasana has been passed down to us as a tool for helping us return to this place of deep stillness and relaxation. Simply lie back and listen as you are guided to return to your natural state where your body and mind can recover from the stresses of modern life. It is in that stillness that your inner voice can speak to you. Give yourself the gift of Savasana.

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