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Relax Deeply

Discover The Ancient Practice
Of Yoga Nidra

“The best CD of its kind that I've heard, and I've listened to a lot of them.”

— Dr. Olga Rasmussen, yoga teacher, Health Advantage Yoga Center - Herndon, VA

“You did a fantastic job with this project…the end product is without blemish. The thing that I noticed right away is that you just sound natural …kind and caring like you're right there.”

— Cathy Plato, yoga teacher trainer and founder of Yoga West - Katy, Texas

“Great for anyone who travels a lot and spends time waiting in airports in frustrating queues. These practices help regain a sense of equanimity. Steve Wolf is the perfect guide.”

— Dr. Steve Denning, Forbes Magazine Online

Relax Deeply is a new guided “Yoga Nidra” relaxation CD written and narrated by Steve Wolf with background music by the gifted keyboard artist, Cleveland Wehle. The ancient meditation practice of yoga nidra is a proven methodology offering not only relief from the tensions and pressures of our times, but the means to actually change life patterns.

The technique is simple: Just lie back and listen while you are guided systematically to a place of profound physical and mental rest. As tension melts away, the body regains its natural state of wellness, and the mind enters that pre-dream state between sleep and consciousness. Although yoga nidra literally means yogic sleep, or “sleep of the yogis,” it is most effective when a level conscious awareness is maintained during the practice. It is here in the fertile ground of the subconscious mind that the trans formative power of yoga nidra unfolds enabling you to plant the seeds of your life goals at the deepest levels.

Competitive athletes at the international level have long used visualization and auto suggestion techniques to improve focus and performance. Yoga nidra is perhaps the most advanced of these techniques, and it offers the additional benefit of opening the body at a deep muscular level allowing it to heal and grow stronger following training sessions or workouts. You don’t have to be an athlete to realize these benefits. Anyone can use this method to improve the quality of his or her life.

There are two complete sessions on this CD. The first is a fifteen-minute practice that can be used anytime you need a restorative timeout. This shorter practice is also perfect as a final relaxation at the end of a home yoga workout. The second is a traditional forty-five minute extended yoga nidra session. It employs a full array of effective techniques for relaxing the body and rekindling the power of the subconscious. For maxium benefit, many senior yoga teachers and therapists recommend that an extended yoga nidra session be performed at least once a week.

CD Contents:

  1. Introduction – 3:43
  2. Fifteen Minute Guided Relaxation – 15:41
  3. Forty Five Minute Guided Relaxation – 46:10
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