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Yoga Nidra for Kids of All Ages

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Yoga Nidra for
Kids of All Ages

“Amazing CD for Kids & Grown-ups! I am a yoga instructor and always looking for beautiful and inspiring cds and this one far exceeded my expectations. I am also a mother of four young children and the fact that they love it too is a completely wonderful bonus! Even my two-year old twins will lay down in Savasana and relax to this cd. This is a wonderful gift to give anyone with children or grandchildren or anyone with an interest in yoga.”

— Kathleen M. Moore, yoga teacher

Recently published studies now verify what the ancient yogis have long known: The introduction of yoga methods to the young can endow them with life-long skills for coping with life's challenges. Even small children can learn to use yoga meditation and breath techniques to settle the mind and body.

This recording features Emily Gretz, narrating three meditative stories, appropriate for all ages. The Yoga Nidra techniques woven into these stories will heighten your inner awareness while systematically guiding you to the deepest levels of relaxation.

While there is something here for all age groups, since publication many have reported that both parents and their younger children enjoy the experience most when they listen together. Also included is a bonus track featuring an updated version of the classic “Sixty One Point” guided relaxation exercise which was arranged and narrated by Steve Wolf.

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