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Awase: [Japanese] Joining or binding together, oneness, community. In yoga this idea is expressed through the Sanskrit word, sangha. In the martial art of aikido, awase is a term for blending or harmonizing with one's opponent.

Our Calling

George Bernard Shaw once said that “Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” Awase Publishing is committed to providing quality professional products using proven trans-formative techniques to facilitate personal growth and empower the human spirit. Our choice of the name Awase, which is similar in this usage to the Sanskrit word sangha, suggests our allegiance to the community of individuals committed to the common vision of cultivating a better world.

Awase Publishing is also dedicated to promoting respect for the environment. Starting in 2009 we have partnered with Oasis Disk Manufacturing to offer quality, Eco-minded products with a minimal or zero carbon footprint. All packaging is printed on Green Forestry Practices paper or recycled stock using vegetable-based inks, and the plastic CD trays are made from recycled materials. We encourage all of our partners to share in this mission.

Awase Publishing founder Steve Wolf, combines over three decades of work in the “mind-body” arena with a lifetime of experience in live performance, audio production and recording to create unique recordings using the highest standards in the industry.

Our Story

Awase Publishing was initiated in 2009 with the release of “Sleep and Breathe Deeply,” which was the second recording in Steve Wolf's yoga nidra series. His first recording “Relax Deeply,” originally released in 2006 through Round Earth Publishing, has now been re-issued as part of the Awase catalog.

To produce the acclaimed “Yoga Nidra for Kids of All Ages” recording, Steve partnered with Emily Gretz, co-owner of Crofton Yoga, a prominent suburban Washington DC studio. Emily brought an extensive background in the field of yoga and meditation for kids. “Yoga Nidra for Kids of All Ages” was the widely acclaimed result of that partnership. Read praise for this project in Yoga Journal (PDF).

Steve Wolf
Steve Wolf

Steve is the founder of Awase Publishing and author of two yoga/nidra meditation CDs, 'Relax Deeply' and 'Sleep & Breathe Deeply.' His third CD, "Yoga Nidra for Kids Of All Ages," was produced in collaboration with yoga teacher and studio owner, Emily Gretz. As at teenager Steve first practiced yoga with his Brazilian aunt who had studied for many years in her home country. MORE ABOUT STEVE

Emily Gretz
Emily Gretz

Emily brings a career in education and an entrepreneurial spirit to her role as yoga teacher and co-owner of Crofton Yoga located in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. MORE ABOUT EMILY

Cleveland Wehle
Cleveland Wehle

A Virginia-based musician, Cleveland Wehle specializes in slow, natural and atmospheric ambient music. His music is calm and serene...conveying a deeply personal, a reflective and contemplative affect upon the listener. MORE ABOUT CLEVE

Our Future

Starting with “Relax Deeply,” these quality Awase recordings have become classics in the genre of yoga and meditation.  There are currently three new projects in the pipeline including CD and DVD titles by Steve Wolf, plus a CD sequel with Emily Gretz.  Watch for these new additions to the catalog over the next year.

A number of yoga teacher training programs continue to utilize Awase recordings to supplement their curriculum, and at least two major hospitals are using these guided meditations to prep patients for surgery, and to aid in post op recovery.  We will continue to explore new avenues in which to share this important work.

What They Say

“ I played your Relax Deeply Yoga Nidra in class today. People loved it. I loved it. I love your voice. Great pacing. Very well done!”

— Erich Schiffmann - Author: Yoga, The Spirit And Practice Of Moving Into Stillness

“ I have been teaching meditation for several years just to make myself practice regularly. The best CD I have found for deep relaxation and total concentration is a Yoga Nidra. I have been looking and looking for a really good recording and this month I found it - Relax Deeply: Reduce Stress To Promote Wellness, Vitality, and Creativity by Steve Wolf (Audio CD)”

— Lori A., Natural Health Techniques - Web Site

“ You did a fantastic job with this project...the end product is without blemish. The thing that I noticed right away is that you just sound natural...kind and caring like you're right there.“

— Cathy Plato, yoga teacher trainer and founder of Yoga West - Katy, Texas

“ I love "Sleep & Breathe Deeply from start to finish. After listening, I not only sleep longer, but there is a deeper quality to my sleep. The breathing practice is also lovely and it is a good way to connedt deeply with the breath any time day or night. In all, this CD is a great gift.”

— Mary Davis, yoga teacher, Health Advantage Yoga Center - Herndon, VA

Brilliant, Soothing, Deeply Felt. There are a lot of yoga nidra titles, and an abundance of titles that invite you into the notion of a good night's sleep, but this album really does combine the aspirations of both sub-genres quite well. First there's Steve's voice, which is deeply felt, soothing and steady. The tone and rhythm of this recording allows you to yield control to the direction of a great teacher. Five Stars.”

— Marty M. - Review of "Sleep & Breathe Deeply" from CD
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