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“ I played your Relax Deeply Yoga Nidra in class today. People loved it. I loved it. I love your voice. Great pacing. Very well done!”

— Erich Schiffmann - Author: Yoga, The Spirit And Practice Of Moving Into Stillness

“ I have been teaching meditation for several years just to make myself practice regularly. The best CD I have found for deep relaxation and total concentration is a Yoga Nidra. I have been looking and looking for a really good recording and this month I found it - Relax Deeply: Reduce Stress To Promote Wellness, Vitality, and Creativity by Steve Wolf (Audio CD)”

— Lori A., Natural Health Techniques - Web Site

“ You did a fantastic job with this project...the end product is without blemish. The thing that I noticed right away is that you just sound natural...kind and caring like you're right there.“

— Cathy Plato, yoga teacher trainer and founder of Yoga West - Katy, Texas

“ I love "Sleep & Breathe Deeply from start to finish. After listening, I not only sleep longer, but there is a deeper quality to my sleep. The breathing practice is also lovely and it is a good way to connedt deeply with the breath any time day or night. In all, this CD is a great gift.”

— Mary Davis, yoga teacher, Health Advantage Yoga Center - Herndon, VA

Brilliant, Soothing, Deeply Felt. There are a lot of yoga nidra titles, and an abundance of titles that invite you into the notion of a good night's sleep, but this album really does combine the aspirations of both sub-genres quite well. First there's Steve's voice, which is deeply felt, soothing and steady. The tone and rhythm of this recording allows you to yield control to the direction of a great teacher. Five Stars.”

— Marty M. - Review of "Sleep & Breathe Deeply" from CD
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